Making Writing a New Year’s Resolution

We’ve all heard the abysmal statistics about how most people don’t keep their new year’s resolutions. Old habits die hard. And yet, we keep making resolutions–there are even apps to help you follow through. I don’t think it takes much to realize that the problem with keeping resolutions is that we typically make them too big. “I’m going to work out every day,” says the person who doesn’t currently work out. Or, “I’m going to cut sugar out of my diet,” says the one with a sweet tooth.

My new year’s resolution is about my writing. I have a terrible habit of making excuses about why I’m too busy to write, or don’t have time, or am not in the mood. Over at Copyblogger Sonia Simone suggests making a resolution to write for twenty minutes every day in January. That’s a great idea, and it’s not too big that it’s impossible. However, I’m a little afraid of committing to even THAT much–because as soon as I miss one day, I’m going to feel like there’s no point in continuing because I’m-a-big-fat-failure-so-what’s-the-point. So, here’s my resolution: every day, I am going to open that Word document and just look at it for five minutes. 

I am never so busy that I don’t have five minutes, somewhere in my day, to spare for just looking at something. And I don’t have to be “in the mood” to write if I’m just looking at my writing. But, chances are, that five minutes of looking over what I’ve written is going to inspire me to dive in and write more. And on days when it doesn’t, or I really don’t have more than five minutes to spare, at least I looked at it that day. I kept my writing in my head and fresh and a part of my daily life. That’s my real resolution: to make my writing a part of my day every day, even in a small way.

What’s your new year’s resolution? And how do you keep writing in your life?


One thought on “Making Writing a New Year’s Resolution

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